A human figuring things out and documenting the journey.

Hi, I’m Sophie. I’m the odd combination of creative and analytical, ballsy but insecure, and both a spontaneous social butterfly and an introverted geek at the same time.

I used to be very good at introducing myself and telling my background story, using labels based on what I did in life. Like we all do. “I’m a full-time business analyst”, “I’m an online marketing coach”, “I’m a blogger and barista”… Labels that fit at one point or another, but are undeniably fleeting and left me with a big question mark around my identity.

These days I refer to myself as…

It’s weird but it’s true.

Illustration by the author

It has probably been over ten years since I was actually happy with my body. Back then, I didn’t have a clue what a perky butt or 11-line abs looked like and I didn’t care. I was a normal young girl who felt pretty good about her body shape and wasn’t afraid to wear a bikini — blissfully ignorant of society’s beauty standards. The rise of Instagram influencers completely ruined my positive body image, and strangely enough, Keeping up with the Kardashians is restoring it.

Disclaimer: I’ve only watched the first four seasons so far so I can’t talk about…

A silent killer everyone underestimates

Illustration by the author

Spending time with yourself is not a bad thing. Relying on yourself to make decisions is not a bad thing. Spending every waking hour working on your business without coming up for air is definitely not a good thing. Relentlessly going after your goals comes with a certain disconnection that entrepreneurs tend to ignore until it’s too late. I was one of those cases — always putting business first until I found myself living on a deserted island and wondering how I got there.

We all know entrepreneurship is a lonely journey. Whether you’re a freelancer working from home or…

A peek inside the mind of a *real* perfectionist

Illustration by the author

I remember endlessly scrolling the internet looking for the perfect faux negative trait to talk about during my job interview a few years ago. According to Google, “impatient” and “perfectionist” were the two ideal characteristics to mention because even though they’re both inherently negative, they also seem to be a good thing.

I call BS. Take three perfectionists and three high achievers and you’ll get completely different results. I should know — I’m a perfectionist at heart and if I don’t keep myself on a leash, nothing is finished plus the result is far from perfect.

Anxiety and Paralysis

I’m struggling with perfectionism…

The rut is real.

Illustration by the author

I wake up to a loud and slightly judgmental meow and quickly glance at the clock. My cat has been scratching the door for a reason — it’s two hours past her normal breakfast time. I brush my teeth, do the absolute minimum skincare, and feed my cat so she quiets down. Time for my much-needed coffee. My husband has the late shift and spends the morning watching Netflix, so I join him and call it our “cozy mornings”. …

Is this a quarter-life crisis?

Illustration by the author

Up until two years ago, I lived my life following an impeccable plan on how to succeed in society. My parents are experts at getting the “right” degrees and choosing the “right” companies to climb the corporate career ladder, so they taught me the ropes. I followed the steps to a T and each new step came with a big chunk of approval that kept me going. That is until my subconscious couldn’t take it anymore. Mental health issues started appearing right and left until I finally chose peace of mind over “success”. Except… Where did my future go?


Sophie VL

Multi-passionate human. Certified coach. I write about personal growth, intentional living, and productivity.

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